Frequency Fitness Wave 1000T Treadmill - Toronto Canada

Frequency Fitness Wave 1000T

The Frequency Fitness Wave 1000T treadmill offers unique features which allow for a comfortable, powerful and efficient workout. The large orthopaedic running belt, muscle targeting indicator, hand grip monitors and quick keys make for an easy and productive workout. In addition to these features, this unit is also foldable making it the perfect treadmill to use and store in your home!



Frequency Fitness Wave 1000T Treadmill indicates which muscles are being activated.


The Muscle Targeting Indicator allows users to get the most out of their workouts. The illustration will indicate the specific muscles being activated during any workout. No more guessing is required as this feature will allow the user to specifically target their Glutes, Hamstrings, Quadriceps, Calves or Tibialis Anterior simply by changing the incline. Not only can you choose which muscles you would like to focus on during your workout, you will also be able to visually see the targeted area.

Frequency Fitness Wave 1000T Treadmill body fat indicator program


The built in BDF or Body Fat Indicator will allow users to more accurately monitor their progress and performance. Measuring body fat is very important because it gives you a better picture of what the changes that are taking place in your body really mean. When you step on a scale it doesn’t tell the whole story because you don’t know where the difference in your weight came from. Also, you may have lost inches and your clothes fit better but when you step on the scale, your weight has stayed the same. Your body fat % is what matters most when it comes to knowing if you are losing fat and not just weight.

Frequency Fitness Wave 1000T Treadmill body fat indicator program


This unique feature provides the user with not only a larger running space than most treadmills, but an orthopedic belt as well to ensure comfort. The user can run freely without feeling restricted as the larger belt will allow for more movement. In addition, the orthopedic belt means the user does not have to worry about the stress that running can cause to the joints because the thicker belt will be softer on the knees and provide the utmost comfort while working out.

Frequency Fitness Wave 1000T Treadmill built in heart rate, body fat% and toggle switches.


The built in monitors are used to monitor not only your pulse, but your Body Fat percentage as well. These tools allow users to get more accurate results from their workouts so they have a better understanding of their routine and body.
The Quick Keys built on the handles allow users to add variety to their workout without having to move forward or closer to the monitor. Incline levers are on the left handle and speed variance on the right. This means the users concentration and flow of their workout is not interrupted by them having to approach the monitor in order to select different options. The quick keys are easy, practical and simple to use.

Frequency Fitness Wave 1000T Treadmill built in speakers play music off your smart phone or Mp3 device


Listening to your favorite music helps boost your workout and adds an element of fun. The built in amplified speakers on this machine allow you to connect your device with the included 3.5mm audio cable. Simply connect the cable to your headphone jack and enjoy your favorite music or podcast while you train.

Frequency Fitness Wave 1000T Treadmill folding locking mechanism


Having a small space does not mean you are limited. A heavy duty welded steel frame makes this treadmill durable but also easy to store with the ability to safely fold and store the equipment with an easy lift and soft drop fold-down feature. If you have a small space but want a great piece of cardio equipment, this model is perfect because you have the option of leaving it as is or folding it and storing it away until your next workout.

Frequency Fitness Wave 1000T Treadmill speakers and charging station


Charge your device with this built in USB charging station while you rest your Smartphone or tablet on the utility shelf. For a better sound when watching your favorite television show, simply plug your tablet into the speakers and enjoy the full entertainment experience while exercising.


  • Powerful 3.0 HP Continuous Motor
  • Large 20” x 60” Orthopaedic Running Belt
  • Shock Absorbing floating deck
  • Heavy Frame Construction
  • Console with iPad and Water Bottle Holders
  • 0.5 to 12.5MPH Speed Variance
  • 0-15% Incline Levels
  • Toggle Switches on Handlebars for Incline and Speed
  • 2.5” Ball Bearing Infused Rollers
  • 7” Bright Back Lit LCD Display Console with Quick Keys for Incline and Speed
  • 7 Programs (10 levels), 1 Manual, 3 HRC Programs, 4 User and 1 Custom
  • Built in Heart Rate Receiver
  • USB Charging Station
  • Built In Speakers
  • Solid Folding Frame design that caters to walkers and runners alike
  • Lifetime Frame and Motor, 5 years all parts, 1 year Labor